The Benefits of Retreat

After a 2-year hiatus, this month my forum went on our annual retreat. Retreat is part of the forum protocol that ideally takes place annually. Retreat is an important part of the forum experience. We rented a house in Lake Geneva and missed the warm weather by just one week. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience. With two new members and another two members joining our forum a bit over a year ago, we had so much to learn about each other.

My forum mates and I spent some time reflecting on our previous retreats as well as the past two years. We’ve had members come and go, and each one of them provided so much value to each of our experiences. The greatest appreciation I’ve had was the depth that members shared of the challenges and struggles they faced. Digging deep down to the bottom 1% is never easy. It is beyond difficult to be vulnerable. However, the times that I have been vulnerable, I’ve experienced some magical things within myself. I’ve felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I’ve earned respect, admiration, and appreciation from my forum mates. Also, it has allowed other members to feel more secure and comfortable knowing that I entrusted them with things not mentioned to others.

I hope all of you have had similar experiences as I have had. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon as I continue my journey.

Andy Sanghani
EFBC President 2022-2023