Through business education, we aim to equip our members with the knowledge and skills that are essential to manage the challenging business landscape. Our educational goals reach far beyond what you might find in a textbook. We strive to develop programs and curriculum that empower business people to elevate their business practices, strengthen their relationships, and lean in to working on their business rather than in.



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Current Events

EFBC events are to provide practical education, opportunities for prospective members to experience EFBC, and foster connection within the EFBC community.

Event Categories:
• Signature Events
• Roundtables
• Breakfast Clubs/Seminars
• Workshops
• Fireside Chats

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Strategic Partners

The EFBC community has access to expertise and education from our Strategic Partners whose knowledge spans law, finance, marketing, accounting, insurance, human resources, banking, and IT. Our partners are an invaluable resource with years of knowledge and continued willingness to educate and guide our members that range from programs to individual consulting and answering questions at any given notice.

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DePaul University

EFBC is proud to be affiliated with DePaul University and the Driehaus College of Business and we have been cultivating that relationship since 2012. The affiliation with the university was formed for the two organizations to support each other. This is done through programming and the sharing of other educational resources.

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Transition Preparation Assessment (TPA)

The TPA is designed to help businesses of all types begin important discussions about each stakeholder’s expectations for the future. When completed, the TPA provides a roadmap of the transition process and highlights areas in which the stakeholders’ expectations are aligned while also drawing attention to areas that have the potential to create conflict.

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