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EFBC has been serving Chicagoland for nearly 30 years. Our deep roots date back to 1993, when James P. Liautaud approached the University of Illinois at Chicago about underwriting an organization dedicated to family businesses. The Family Business Council (FBC) welcomed its first members in 1994 and operated under UIC’s College of Business Administration for nearly two decades.

Our organization became an independent nonprofit in 2011 and changed its name to Chicago Family Business Council (CFBC). We formed an affiliation with DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business in 2012 and remain closely connected with one of U.S. News and Report’s “25 Most Innovative Schools”.

In July 2019, the CFBC kicked off its 25th Anniversary with a rebrand. To celebrate 25 years of educating and empowering the people of family and entrepreneurial businesses, the Chicago Family Business Council became the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council (EFBC). Our organization moved its offices into the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center and launched a new logo, mission, vision and values.

EFBC’s members include 135 business leaders from 85 companies in a wide array of industries. Family-owned businesses make up 70% of our membership, while 30% of our companies are privately held and entrepreneurial businesses. Our members lead our organization, serving on the Board of Directors to oversee our strategic direction.

1994 – 2011

Family Business Council (FBC) at UIC

2012 – 2019

Chicago Family Business Council (CFBC) at DePaul University

2019 – Present

Entrepreneur and Family Business Council (EFBC) at DePaul University


Being a part of the EFBC community is an experience unlike any other business organization. The majority of our members are part of a Full Forum of participate in Flex Forum. They attend educational and social events throughout the year. The EFBC CommunityHub online platform is another great way to engage with the community. This platform provides a space where you can connect with other members, participate in discussions, join groups based on your interests and have access to a variety of helpful resources. And they often rely on our Strategic Partners and programs at DePaul when specific business needs arise.

Our events include:
• Workshops that offer practical training
• Roundtables for open discussions, where members & member’s company can share their experiences and learn from their peers
• Panel discussions and Fireside Chat Series are another key event, where experts in the field share their insights and answer questions
• We also offer the Roots Curriculum, a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of entrepreneurship and family business management
• Our Breakfast Clubs provide a casual learning and networking platform
• Our Transition Preparation Assessment (TPA) helps members prepare for business transitions
• We also partner with other organizations to hold Community Events, aimed at serving the wider community

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By joining a small group called a Forum, you have the opportunity to connect, share insights, and learn from your peers within our vibrant community. Members have the option to choose between the Full Forum and the Flex Forum. The Full Forum is available to Enterprise and Add-on Members who meet consistently each month with the same group of members. Flex Forum is available for Pro Members and offers the benefit of peer group support without the commitment of monthly attendance. More details about Full Forum and Flex Forum can be found HERE

Absolutely! While being a member of EFBC provides full access to all exclusive programs and events, we also welcome non-members to experience the EFBC Community through selected events. Please visit our Event Page to explore EFBC upcoming events.

EFBC offers resources and programs to help family businesses plan for the future, including various workshops that help businesses understand the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of succession planning. Our Peer Network offers a platform for leaders to connect and share experiences with others who are navigating the same process or have successfully done so in the past. Additionally, EFBC’s Strategic Partners, who are experienced advisors, are on hand to provide expert guidance, ensuring a smooth succession planning process.