Define Peer Network

No one gets to the top alone. But all too often leaders of organizations say it can be lonely once they are responsible for running their businesses. It is not always easy to share the challenges – or even the triumphs – of leading a company with those who don’t walk the same path. That is why finding the right peer network is so important. And it is why nearly 150 Chicagoland entrepreneurs and business leaders chose EFBC. Welcome to a community that stays with you at the top!

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Why You Need One

As a leader, you often bear the weight of listening to others’ problems. Who listens to yours? You are responsible for inspiring greatness in your team. Yet who inspires you? You are always looking to do more, to do better. So who keeps pace with you? If you are missing these people in your life, you could undoubtedly benefit from a peer network like EFBC.

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

It is what sets EFBC apart from other peer networks. You’ll seize the opportunity to develop your Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills by the practices and protocols that underpin how we interact in our small group Forums and larger community gatherings. All those great leaders you know who get the best from their teams and are admired by their peers? They have likely invested in growing their EI skills.

Continuous learning opportunities

EFBC is a space for continual learning and personal development. As a member, you have access to nearly 150 peers providing you with a wealth of shared experiences to learn from and rely on. In addition, our Strategic Partners and event calendar offer professional insights that help your growth both personally and professionally.

Dive deeper into issues that impact us as business leaders

EFBC is a safe space to share, discuss and find your own answers to the struggles and opportunities you encounter. At EFBC, we don’t give one another advice but rely on shared experiences to help one another grow and achieve. It’s not just about finding solutions, it’s about understanding the situation from different perspectives

Emotional Intelligence (EI) practices
Peer led
Non-profit status
Holistic approach (business, family, personal)
Membership extends to family members and entire team
Strategic Partners representing core business functions
Social connection
Business education
Small groups
Extended peer network