It’s Not Who You Know, It’s How You Know Them

At the heart of the EFBC are our Forums, an opportunity for members to connect once a month in a small setting to dive deeper into the issues that impact us all as business leaders. Forum acts as a space where members share challenges, celebrate victories, explore opportunities, and connect with others who truly understand the experience of leading an organization. Forums are a safe, confidential spaces to gain shared experiences from those who know what it is like in your shoes, with everyone’s full attention and engagement. No side conversations, no cell phones, no judgements.

Each month, one member of a nine-person Forum presents a current issue they are facing in any aspect of their life. At EFBC, we believe there are no boundaries between personal and professional, especially for family business members and entrepreneurs. The other Forum members use Emotional Intelligence protocols to listen, support, and offer shared experiences, never advice. After the presentation, the entire group exchanges updates on their professional and personal lives, realizing there are no real boundaries between the two when you are an entrepreneur or part of a family business. Many of our members say they share experiences with their Forum they do not talk about anywhere else. They consider their Forum mates their unofficial board of advisors because of the depth of relationships they have formed.

We offer two Forum options–Full and Flex.

The Foundation of Forum

The foundation of Forum is made up of three pillars–trust, mutual respect and equality (regardless of title or pedigree). These pillars are supported by practices that encourage the growth of Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills that we call Forum Protocols.

Forum Protocols

Clarifying Questions

Non-judgmental questions which come from a place of genuine curiosity. These questions introduce clarity around something that has been said and often lead to epiphanies and deeper insights

Shared Experiences

Used in lieu of advice giving. One person’s answer isn’t your answer, so we instead share experiences – relevant mistakes or successes from life – that are relevant to what another Forum member is tackling


A time devoted to sharing what we appreciate about each other, which often goes unsaid. We’re human and can always benefit from a boost to our self-esteem and motivation

Continuity of Forum attendees
Mandatory attendance at Forum meetings
Flexible attendance at Forum meetings
Mandatory on-time arrival to Forum meetings
Hybrid meetings (in-person and Zoom)
Confidentiality, shared experiences, clarifying questions, appreciations
Strategic Partners welcome to participate as attendees
Strategic Partners invited for pre-meeting as advisors (mandatory 2x a year)
Required to attend Community in Forum
prior to 1st meeting
Opportunity to attend Community in Forum multiple times
Morning commitment of three hours with set downtown location
Afternoon/ Evening commitment of six hours with rotating locations
Mandatory dinner
Yearly retreat