Strategic Partner for Financial Planning

Private Vista is a wealth management and financial planning firm with offices in Chicago and Oak Brook. Our team of advisors are experienced in solving life’s financial challenges and financially preparing clients for the most unpredictable situations.

Why You May Need Private Vista

  • You are contemplating the sale of your business within 1-5 years.
  • You are seeking to minimize your risk to include a diversity of assets – outside the business you own.
  • You are envisioning retirement and considering how to simplify your financial life.



Mary Beth McLean

Phone: 630-835-0105

Mary Beth’s financial services career began in 2004. She loves what she does and thinks of herself as a financial caregiver. In fact, she considered a career in nursing, but realized she did not have the “patience” (pun intended!) for it. She devotes much of her current practice working with women, often in transition, to take control of their financial matters. The most satisfying part of this profession is to watch Private Vista’s clients become empowered. She helps her clients conceive their future, relieve their fears and achieve their dreams.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, St. Mary’s College Notre Dame, Magna cum Laude; Master of Business Administration, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

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Senior Advisor, CFP®, CDFA™

Nicole Romito

Phone: 312-831-4378

Nicole’s financial services career began in 1992. She spent 10 years as a banker in a variety of roles; from Management Trainee to Private Banker. Nicole began her career in financial planning in the early 90s, and now as a Senior Advisor, she relies on that experience to help clients make informed financial decisions. She provides a safe place to openly share dreams and fears about money and life. She helps clients manage their emotions around money so they can tune out the noise that might get in the way of sound financial decisions. Nicole also makes financial planning fun! While it is serious stuff, it’s easier to understand and process if you have fun while doing it!

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, St. Louis University

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Advisor, CFP®

Greg Bogdan

Phone: 630-455-0025

Greg’s financial services career began in 2005. He most enjoys creating lasting relationships as a trusted advisor to clients and finds it rewarding to help them think through their financial situations in developing a customized plan and path to achieving their goals. Through the Private Vista process, clients come away feeling empowered to make informed financial decisions with the confidence of knowing how to achieve their vision of ‘financial independence’ while living a more enriched and fulfilling life.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Bentley University

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