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We are marketing strategists, creatives and technologists who believe being bold is the difference between existing within your industry and breaking through it.

We don’t work with industry leaders. We partner with the bold companies who keep industry leaders up at night.



Patricia Rioux

Phone: 773-789-9477

Patty founded Patricia Rioux (PR) Consulting almost twenty years ago and re-branded the organization in 2011 into Prism Insights to better reflect her firm’s expertise and focus. In 2015, Prism Insights became ODEA.

For over 20 years, Patty has been a marketing strategist and writer in a variety of roles. With experience in both agency and client settings, she has the perspective of both sides of the relationship. Above all else, Patty likes to get right to work with her clients. She is at her best when translating big-picture ideas into business-driven strategy. When working with Patty, you’ll find that she isn’t one to just make recommendations, she’ll roll up her sleeves to help make things happen.

Patty has worked with a wide range of clients and teams from entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-national corporations including Steel Tube Institute, Daimler Financial, Chrysler Financial, Severstal, Motorola, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) and The Kennedy Center. She has the ability to not only focus on the core of a business but recognize what makes it exceptional. Her strategic approach teaches clients how to communicate their unique qualities while ultimately driving growth and success. Patty’s joy is showing people the endless possibilities and opportunities that marketing offers.

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Technical Marketing Manager / Content Producer

JJ Lattea

Phone: 517-442-2505

With a flair for working with computers, JJ loves all things technical. At ODEA, JJ helps manage a variety of technical projects including animation and graphic work. From recording video footage for websites to crafting digital whitepapers, JJ knows how to create captivating visual stories utilizing various platforms.

The continually changing technology landscape keeps JJ on his toes. He likes staying ahead of the curve and bringing his tech knowledge to the team at ODEA. His desire to always be in the know with new trends keeps the firm sharp and always trying new things. For example, JJ helped develop and implement 360 degree programs for a few client projects – staying on trend with the movement toward virtual reality.

JJ also has experience using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and 3ds Max. Outside of the office, he enjoys exploring Chicago and watching Iron Man for the 30th time.

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