Meet Jodi Behrendt, President of Advantage Trailer

Get to know Jodi, a new member of the EFBC, who joined us in 2022.

Advantage Trailer
Founded: 1989

Location: Carol Stream, IL
Forum: Nirvana

Tell us about your career leading up to where you are now.
I was 17, when my family started Advantage Trailer so I did not have much of a career then but I did work at the business from day one until I graduated college. I left Advantage after college to take a job in the teaching field but soon returned back to Advantage. I left Advantage again, to raise my 2 boys but came back after they started school. The last time I left Advantage, during the great Recession on 2008 to teach again but Advantage kept pulling me back. I always new our business was special and the draw to work in the family business was to strong so I came back in 2015 and I am here to stay.

What do you like most about what you do?
Working with family, most the time. Proud of providing honest, value based service and products. Solving customer needs by providing answers to their companies needs and seeing our hard work pay off.

How did you hear about the EFBC?
I heard about EFBC from Rick Rasmussen, a member of EFBC, at a business brokers and intermediaries event. I was feeling very out of place and I happen to be sitting next to Rick and he invited me to an EFBC event. Liz then reached out to me and visited our business and I shared somethings with her and she gave me a contact to another EFBC member. That member and I went out to breakfast and talked for hours. After that I was hooked.

Why did you join, and what do you hope to gain from your membership?
I joined the EFBC because the people were so different from other business groups I attended, they were down to earth, they made me feel comfortable from the first event I came to. I loved that there are family connections with all the businesses and that there were woman involved with EFBC. I hope to gain some close friendships, some confidents and learn as well with the EFBC.

Join us in welcoming Jodi to the EFBC community.