As a leader, you often bear the weight of listening to others’ problems. Who listens to yours? You are responsible for inspiring greatness in your team. Yet who inspires you? You are always looking to do more, to do better. So, who keeps pace with you? If you are missing these people in your life, it is time you became part of the EFBC Community.

With over 4,000 years of combined business experience, the EFBC community knows what you are going through because they’re going through it too. That being said, we would never be so bold as to think we have your answer. Instead, we share experiences, perspectives, and resources to help you find your unique answer.

Community often starts in Forum, the monthly small group meetings that are at the heart of EFBC. Beyond your Forum group, that community expands to the membership at large, Strategic Partners and DePaul University. The entire EFBC community is invested in your success. This goes beyond offering shared experiences. Our community shows up for each other in times of need and triumph. Whether you’re celebrating 100 years in business or making a difficult decision on whether to sell your company, your peers will be there to rally around you. These business experiences are better shared together.


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