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Founded in 1975, ALERA Group, formerly GCG Financial, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent organizations specializing in Employee Benefits, Risk Management, Wealth Management and Insurance. We provide the knowledge, resources and solutions to deliver an exceptional client experience each and every day. Our clients expect their personal wealth to grow, their families to be protected and their businesses to prosper. To that end, they want customized, intelligent recommendations delivered by a trusted advisor who is passionate and caring. We work hard to meet these expectations and justify their trust.

Long-term relationships with our clients are the cornerstone of our business. Whether you are an individual, a family, a small business, a large corporation or non-profit organization, our team will work hard to help you achieve your vision for a bright, prosperous future.

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Every client’s needs are unique. Our collective experience, education and attention to detail enable us to design targeted, successful solutions. You will not find a more dedicated team anywhere because we understand the positive impact we have on people’s lives, families and businesses.

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Vice President

Marcus Newman

Marcus Newman is a Senior Vice President of ALERA Group with a focus on serving privately held businesses. He is responsible for Employee Insurance Benefits of more than 300 privately held businesses across the country. Marcus provides knowledge and objective guidance with respect to group insurance benefits of all kinds, key person arrangements, and business succession plans.

Marcus spent several years working with teenagers as a social worker, prior to joining the firm in 1997. Upon joining ALERA Group, Marcus quickly built an extensive employee benefits practice, developed considerable expertise and established himself as a champion of client education and customer service.

Marcus is on the National speaker’s circuit providing content regarding health insurance and employee benefits for small to mid-sized businesses.

Marcus is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, having received his B.A. in 1995, where he studied Philosophy.

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