3 Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Business In 2023

We’ve suddenly reached Q4, so you know what that means – time for lots of predictions for the coming year. With WIRED Magazine’s editorial director Greg Williams joining us for our “Get Wired for a Purpose” event on November 3rd we thought it only fitting to join the trend with three technologies we believe are going to gain even more momentum in 2023.


Most commonly known for its role in supporting cryptocurrency, blockchain can be most simply thought of as a digital ledger that keeps track of transactions. It is a distributed-ledger system for securely recording, storing, managing, and transmitting transactions. Because records of each transaction are kept in more than one place, it is touted as more secure and verifiable as once data is entered into the ledger, it cannot be altered or tampered with. The opportunities for blockchain across industries will spread in 2023 as blockchain-based platforms for smart contracts, customer information security, real estate transactions and more continue to explode.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is technology that allows computers to learn, adapt and mimic human behavior and has, in many ways, quietly crept into our everyday lives. (Rely on Google maps or Waze to get through traffic? You’re using AI.) How will it expand in 2023? With the ongoing talent shortages, AI-enabled technologies that augment work teams’ bandwidth will thrive. This includes helping with tasks ranging from customer communications via chatbots to simplifying supply chain management to keeping workers safe in manufacturing and distribution settings.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR merges virtual elements with the real world. Another technology that has already found its way into our daily lives if you’ve played Pokémon GO or viewed a hologram with your AR-enabled smartphone. AR is also impacting the talent shortage, especially when applied to training and onboarding new team members faster and with greater controls. It is redefining sectors like education and marketing that rely heavily on visual communications, moving beyond two-dimensional books or marketing pieces to create interactive and real-world scenarios.

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In one way or another, disruptive technologies like Blockchain, AI and AR will change each and every one of our businesses. And the advancements are coming faster than ever. Ready to be inspired by what the future holds? Join us on November 3rd for “Wired for a Purpose” with Greg Williams of WIRED magazine as we support the budding entrepreneurs of the future. Proceeds from this event will go to DePaul Universities Coleman Entrepreneurship Center’s 2023 Purpose Pitch Competition which spotlights purpose-driven business ideas that focus on doing good rather than the bottom line.