Ushering In A New Year With the EFBC

In conjunction with our video message from President and Vice President of the EFBC, we wanted to also share some of our vision for the next year. With every new leadership team, an eagerness to serve brings a powerful driving force for our membership. It gives us a chance to re-evaluate our programs and offerings from a fresh perspective. EFBC Leadership is excited about programming and willing to put in the work to make this year one of our most successful yet. In order to see the fruits of our labor, coming out of a two year pandemic situation and into a new world, we need that driving force from our Executive Committee and Board of Directors to drive member engagement.

In discussing priorities for the upcoming year, EFBC staff and Board, decided to hone in and focus on a few key items. Our goals were to improve programming, increase member attendance, prioritizing our collaboration between DePaul university, and the roll out of our new membership levels. These priorities allow us to focus on what is important to us and at the top of that list is member engagement. The following info graph outlines these goals and gives a visual representation as a means to simplify our initiative for all members and community to digest.

We hope as members you feel inspired to spread the gospel of EFBC. And we hope to continue to serve this brilliant community! We value our members and are optimistic about the upcoming year. We cant wait to see you at our events!