Summer Social Recap

A blog by EFBC

It was a bustling, Wednesday night. The weather, of course, had not cooperated with us, as we prepped our event, half of which took place on a terrace with a river view, cloudy, rainy, and humid, but I digress. On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022, EFBC hosted a Summer Social, in conjunction with the Annual Leadership Award at RPM Events in Chicago, Illinois. Weather complaints aside, it was, by all definitions, a successful event.

Eager guests started trickling in right at 5 PM, for a two hour cocktail event. The room buzzed with energy as members, guests, partners, and prospects congregated throughout the space. With passed hors d’oeuvres and an open bar (with a signature mocktail created specially for our group), we knew our attendees would have a great night.

The programming for the event was brief, to allow as much time to mix and mingle as possible. Andy, the current EFBC president, opened with a townhall. Here he welcomed and introduced our new members to existing members, thanked the strategic partners for their continued efforts, and briefly spoke to outgoing Neil O’Donnell’s success and legacy. Closing the event was executive director, Liz Fidanovski, who spoke on Neil’s accomplishments as president, and his personal impact on Liz’s professional growth and development at EFBC.

As a touch before leaving, Systematics Inc., gifted guests with customized EFBC wine tumblers in a box designed by the team.

Systematics did a great job on the favor and guests were in awe of the high quality gift, and we hope they think fondly of the night they had with EFBC the next time they have a beverage.

Guests were encouraged to stick around Chicago for dinner, and even a group of 21 EFBCers went upstairs to RPM seafood for dinner. It truly was a great night to be in EFBC.

Upon reflection, we, at EFBC, just wanted to take a second to thank all of you. It is the community that makes EFBC great, and we are so proud of where our organization is currently, and where we are headed. Thank you again for a great event, and can’t wait to see you at the next one!