President’s Message – March 2023

The power and importance of taking care of yourself and trying things outside of your comfort zone.

Monday, March 20th, marked the first day of spring, also known as the spring or vernal equinox. To me, this day doesn’t have much meaning. Growing up in Chicago, I’ve experienced that spring could be blistering cold with snow and sleet or it could be hot and balmy. At the very least, we’re one step further from winter and closer to summer. To others, such as my girlfriend Tina, there is a spiritual meaning to the Spring Equinox. It symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, rebirth, renewal, spiritual awakening and personal growth. A new beginning for me is trying out a pizza joint for the first time!

I wouldn’t consider myself to be religious or spiritual. My mind is a bit too logical. To a fault. At the same time, my heart believes in a greater being or spirit of some sorts. I won’t go much more into that at this moment. I just wanted to set the stage for what I experienced yesterday.

In honor of the Spring Equinox, Tina asked if I would join her for a healing sound journey at a yoga studio in the city. Knowing my reluctance to try new things such as this, she quickly explained to me that we’d be in a room with others and we would take a blanket and pillow to lay on while we listen to sound bowls, gongs, symbols and other soothing instruments. She said I could fall asleep if I wanted to as the event is 2 hours long. It sounded crazy to be honest but considering it falls a few days after her birthday I felt like I should give it a try and join her. So I said yes.

So we drove to the city and arrived at 5:45pm to the Lacuna Lofts building which was built in 1897 and once the world’s largest macaroni factory. The building info is irrelevant. I just thought it was interesting. We took the elevator to the third floor and as soon as the doors opened, we were in a room with 200 adults sprawled throughout on blankets, pillows, etc. with a spattering of various instruments, candles, string lights, etc. This was definitely out of my comfort zone. We proceeded to find our spot on the floor, laid our blankets and pillows and made ourselves comfortable. I scanned the room a bit nervous as to what was going to happen next.

The next 2 hours were pretty awesome. I laid there with my eyes closed in and out of sleep to the sounds of the various instruments, melting away the stress on my mind and shoulders that has been there for months. I don’t know what a “healing sound journey” is supposed to feel like, but this experience could not have come at a better time. With half of our account management team resigning over the past 2 months, onboarding 6 new offshore employees, and in the middle of our busiest period in company history I’ve been spread thin as has the rest of my team.

This experience reminded me of so much. I have to push myself outside of my comfort zone, that is where growth comes. My mental and physical health cannot be neglected. Trust others, such as Tina, and not take the logical approach for everything that I do. Finally, even though it doesn’t feel this way, I have to separate myself from work and allow my mind and body to feel something new. Even if it is only for a few hours. And now….back to work!

Andy Sanghani
EFBC President 2022-2023