President’s Message – January 2023

Happy New Year, EFBC. See a special message from EFBC President, Andy Sanghani!

January is a special month for many reasons. As the beginning of the new year, we have an opportunity to hit the reset button and start with a clean slate. The gyms are packed with those focused on improving their physical health. Businesses are implementing new plans to boost performance. The excitement of NFL playoffs is upon us. Last but not least, I am fortunate to call it my birthday month :). January 29th to be exact. That makes me an Aquarius. I don’t know what that means but my girlfriend Tina reminds me of it all the time.

I’m not sure how you all are in those days leading up to your birthday, but my mind gets filled with so many thoughts, mostly of reflection. At 42 years old, I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes and poor choices. What has gotten me through each of those has been my family. My strongest feelings these days are those of unconditional love for my family. I’m happily in love with my partner in life (and lifetimes prior), Tina. Blessed father of two children, Ava and Ayaan. Spoiled baby brother of two sisters, Nisha and Grishma. Son of the most generous parents, Govind and Nalini.

With each of these relationships I’ve learned countless lessons. My children teach me everyday the importance of patience. Tina has taught me the growth that comes through feeling uncomfortable. My sisters have always provided mentorship – even when I didn’t care for it. Finally, my parents have shown me what it means to truly sacrifice and persevere.

As an owner of a 2nd generation family business, it all starts with family. I’m excited to celebrate my 42nd birthday with them and my other passion, pizza.

Andy Sanghani
EFBC President 2022-2023