New Year, Same Shared Experience

We asked members what shared experience they received last year that they plan to carry into the new year!

New year, new you! Right? All of us are most likely welcoming the start of 2023 with a list of things we want to improve on. Maybe you want to take up a new hobby, like cooking or painting or you’ve vowed to be more active. This new year brings the opportunity to start fresh and create change to be your best self in your personal life and in your business. But that doesn’t mean we can’t carry over the valuable lessons we learned in 2022!

One of the most invaluable benefits of being a member of the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council is the community of peer support that surrounds each member. At the heart of that community of peer support is our practice of shared experience. Unlike giving advice, shared experience removes all judgement and allows you to make decisions and formulate solutions on your own accord.

When part of EFBC, our members are never alone in the obstacles they face in their business. They cherish the shared experiences they receive from other members who have been where they’re at and use it to devise their own solutions. We asked some of our members to recount a shared experience they received that they plan to continue using in 2022 to improve their business or personal life! See what they said below.

A few years ago, we attended an EFBC event that covered a business framework by the name of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). We were intrigued and decided to reach out to other EFBC members to inquire about their experience with similar systems – and we learned a lot. We ended up moving forward with EOS due to its strong cultural fit and it has been transformative to 2XL. Even now, and throughout 2023, we will be continuing to strengthen our focus, discipline, and accountability – all pillars of EOS, and all brought about by EFBC’s learning series. In our experience, these events cover a wide array of topics, and can turbocharge your firm and knowledge – helping to clarify and simplify the business to achieve your goals.

-Robert Giammanco, CEO, 2XL Corporation

It’s difficult to share only one experience that’s helped me through difficult times, but most important to me are the experiences that have been shared that remind me mindset, plans and expectations at times in our lives need to be adjusted. I’ve learned that plan B can be just as rewarding AND successful as plan A. I consider my biggest personal growth coming from the success of plan B and not beating myself up over the original plan not working out like I expected.

-Sara Poss, Broker, @properties

Our members are grateful for the valuable insights they receive through EFBC and we’re grateful for them! Ready to learn more about how EFBC helps you learn and grow? Hear straight from the voices who make up our community in this short video!