Introducing Andy Sanghani And Dave Horvath, EFBC President and Vice President 2022-2023

EFBC is excited to formally introduce you to our newly elected President and Vice President. Andy Sanghani, President of Systematics Inc., joined the EFBC in 2016. Andy joined the board of directors last year when he served as Vice President. Dave Horvath, President/CEO of DTE LLC., joined EFBC in 2008. He served previously as a forum chair, and then the Board of Directors Governance Officer in 2021. With the EFBC’s new year in full swing, we are excited to introduce two members of our executive leadership team. They came together and filmed a message they hoped to extend to membership.

We are looking forward to working together and continue building up the EFBC. Through our individual successes we can come together to build a collective victory for the betterment of the organization.

Listen below as our new leadership welcomes us into the new (to us) year: