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Imagine a room filled with eight of your peers, free of judgment and the one-upmanship all too common in professional business organizations. Now add complete confidentiality to unpack your challenges and opportunities, regardless of whether they impact your company or your personal life, or–as is most often the case–both. Finally, picture this group meeting monthly to share experiences, deliver unbiased feedback and grow the bonds that are often missing from our professional lives.

You’ve just described EFBC’s Full Forum.

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EFBC’s Full Forums are dedicated groups of nine peers that meet consistently each month to listen, share, and learn from each other. Every Full Forum attends an annual executive retreat to reflect on the bigger picture and bond as a group. At each meeting, one member of the nine-person Forum presents a current challenge they are facing in any aspect of their life. The other eight Forum members are fully present to listen, provide support, and offer shared experiences, all practices that encourage the growth of Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills. After the presentation and discussion, other Forum members are invited to share updates from their personal and professional lives realizing there are no real boundaries between the two when you are an entrepreneur or part of a family business. Each meeting culminates with continued conversation over dinner, always at a round table to allow for a full participation.

Full Forum is available to Enterprise and Add-on Members.

  • Continuity of Forum attendees (the same nine members month-over-month)
  • Mandatory attendance at Forum meetings
  • Mandatory on-time arrival to Forum meetings
  • Hybrid meetings (in-person and Zoom)
  • Confidentiality, shared experiences, clarifying questions, appreciations
  • Strategic Partners invited for pre-meeting as advisors (mandatory 2x year)
  • Required to attend Community in Forum prior to first Forum meeting
  • Opportunity to attend Community in Forum multiple times
  • Afternoon/Evening commitment of six hours with rotating locations
  • Mandatory dinner
  • Yearly retreat
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