Flex Forum

Imagine a room filled with your peers, free of judgment and the one-upmanship all too common in professional business organizations. Now add complete confidentiality to unpack your challenges and opportunities, regardless of whether they impact your company or your personal life, or–as is most often the case–both. Finally, picture this group often having new members at each monthly meeting, providing new perspectives yet maintaining EFBC’s pillars of trust, mutual respect and equality(regardless of title or pedigree) by adhering to Emotional Intelligence (EI) protocols.

You’ve just described EFBC’s Flex Forum.

Flex Forum provides the opportunity for members to experience the support of a peer group without requiring a commitment to monthly attendance.As the name implies, members have the flexibility to attend Flex Forum as their schedule allows.

Flex Forum currently meets monthly on the third Wednesday in the morning at the EFBC offices in downtown Chicago. As Flex Forum continues to grow, new dates and locations will be added.

Flex Forum is available to Pro members, as well as Enterprise and Add-on members who want additional peer meeting opportunities outside of their Full Forum. Strategic Partners seeking a Forum meeting a real so welcome to attend. Attendance is limited to 12 individuals at each meeting.

It’s important to note that Flex Forum attendees vary each month. If you are seeking the full peer group experience with a consistent group of peers who become your board of advisors and know your business as well as you do,Full Forum is your best option.

  • Confidentiality, shared experiences, clarifying questions, appreciations

  • Strategic Partners welcome to participate as attendees
  • Opportunity to attend Community in Forum multiple times
  • Morning commitment of three hours with set downtown location

Ready to find out if Flex Forum is right for you?

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