Excited To Kick Off A New Year With EFBC

Welcome to a new year here at EFBC! I am beyond excited at what our community has planned for the next 12 months, especially with our renewed commitment to our mission. Need a refresher on the mission of EFBC?

Educating and Empowering the People of Entrepreneurial and Family Businesses. 

Lovely as it is, our mission is so much greater than those 10 words on a screen or piece of paper. For me, it encompasses the roots of our organization as much as the branches of our growth. And its meaning impacts all that I strive to accomplish in partnership with all of you.

When I first meet a potential member, education is always where the conversation starts. The depth and breadth of knowledge our community possesses is not only impressive, it is impactful. From access to Strategic Partners to the shared experiences that are so openly given, the education we receive can not be duplicated. Add to that the over 15+ events our Programming Committee plans each year and you start to get a feel for how we live our mission as educators. So, get out your calendar and make sure to save the dates for our Top Three Events for FY24:

  1. Summer Social – Wednesday August 2nd. Celebrate summer and our EFBC community at Avli on the Park as we honor 2023 President Andy Sanghani. Registration is open.
  2. DePaul University’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center 20th Anniversary – Tuesday, October 17th. Help support our fellow DePaul Center and suitemates as they celebrate this milestone at the University Club of Chicago. Details are still being finalized so mark your calendar and watch your inbox for details.
  3. Spring Keynote – Your Planning Committee is still working on securing a speaker for next spring so there are not a lot of details to share just yet. More soon!

Educating and EMPOWERING the people of entrepreneurial and family businesses.

We often say it can be lonely at the top. Truth be told, it can be isolating at any rung of a small business, especially when family is involved. That is where the empowerment that results from our Forum groups makes an impact. After launching Flex Forum last year, and participating in over 10 of those meetings, I know without question that we have a Forum group for anyone in your organization looking for peer support. Still unsure if Forum is right for some of your more junior team members? Make sure we add them to our email list so they attend some of our roundtables or participate in a Community in Forum meeting. Both are great ways for them to get a feel for the empowerment that being in a Forum can bring.

Educating and empowering the PEOPLE of entrepreneurial and family businesses.

It is no secret that the People of EFBC are what inspire me. And as a self-proclaimed “not a salesperson” who has grown into the role of recruiting new members, it is the personal connections I make between members that has made this role so comfortable for me. In the coming months you’ll be hearing from our new Membership Director Marcus Newman and myself as we look to connect personally with every member. We know EFBC grows by the introductions and referrals we all make and we want to make that process as easy and personal as possible.

I am proud to say I will be celebrating my 12th anniversary with EFBC this year. Just as FBC then CFBC and now EFBC has changed and grown, so have I. Thank you for your continued support of both me and the EFBC team. We have much to look forward to together!

Liz Fidanovski
EFBC Executive Director