25th Anniversary Celebration Highlights

As most of you know, EFBC was founded in 1994. Since inception, EFBC has been a resource for family businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Those seeking opportunities to connect with colleagues, grow their professional networks, and gain valuable leadership insights and skills have always found a home within our organization. As we take a step back to look at our phenomenal growth, being an organization of 138 members and the countless other individuals that were instrumental in our success, we cannot help but be humbled and inspired. Both by those who came before us in the  families we’ve had the honor of serving and the ones that will follow us when we leave.

As our 25th anniversary came and went, we were inspired document our history. From the beginning, the intention of EFBC was to construct an independent organization that serve the unique needs of this community and to grow with our members. Far and beyond, those initial goals have been met, and we felt that both our mission and community deserved to be celebrated, especially as we approached the quarter-century mark. The organization saw many changes over the years, especially given the total turnover of ownership and leadership with the EFBC, and we are just as strong, if not stronger, than we were >25 years ago.

In honor of our >25th Anniversary Celebration, we held a Gala Dinner that brought over 150 people to the stunning Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel. The gala was full with stories from our past and toasts to the future, and sprinkled with lots of laughing and dancing! One of the highlights of the night was an awesome band, which quickly became crowd favorite, who got the crowd out of their seats and on the dance floor. Our personal highlight of the night was the photo booth that easily had some of the best shots of the night, many of which are not appropriate to share publicly.





After enjoying a delicious 3-course dinner, EFBC’s Executive Director, Liz Fidanovski, took the time to acknowledge EFBC members and our brilliant community. Some of our members have been with EFBC for as long as we have been in business, back in the Family Business Council days! That sort of longevity reflects EFBC’s integrity and how we truly care about the communities we serve. We hope your loyalty will remain for the next >25 years…. and then some!

Cheers to >25 Years! 🍾
>25 years of educating and empowering the people of family and entrepreneurial businesses
>25 years of commitment to support and strengthen family-owned businesses
>25 years of learning together
>25 years of shared experiences
>25 years of serving over 200 business leaders from different companies in a wide array of industries

Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page. Click here to view the photos.


Numerous individuals and organizations have helped make EFBC a reality, and we honor the contributions of all those who have supported and guided our organization in our 25-year history. Thank you for your dedication, knowledge, and commitment!

We’ve had the honor of learning from our innovative members and the businesses they represent; founders, owners, key employees, family members, and everyone in between. And we only hope we can pass on that information to future members. We promise, that even in moments of celebration that we will continue to collaborate to make the EFBC the best that it can be. Today, Tomorrow and for the next >25 years!