EFBC Members Helping Members: A Sticky Situation

The month, strategic partner, ODEA guest blogged on an opportunity where our members worked together.

One of the most valuable advantages of being a part of the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council (EFBC) is the opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise through collaboration. The ability to collaborate has become a crucial skill for organizations looking to fuel innovation, foster growth, and drive meaningful change within their organizations. EFBC members know the transformative impact of collaboration and its potential to propel them towards a future defined by shared success.

In this blog series, we’ll share stories of some of the powerful collaborations that have been built between EFBC members.

Nyco Products Company Partners with Chicago Glue & Machine to Solve a Sticky Situation

When Nyco Products Company, a specialty manufacturer of high-performance national cleaning brands and private branded chemicals, had an adhesive challenge that needed a solution, they knew just who to call – fellow EFBC member Chicago Glue & Machine (CGM)!

Nyco was searching for an adhesive that would allow a measuring cup to sit securely on top of a bottle during transport. The solution needed to provide durability but also little to no residue when the cup is removed from the bottle. Nyco also wanted to ensure that applying the adhesive to the product would be possible for all employees, even those with disabilities who may or may not be able to grip a glue gun. This is when CGM got involved!

CGM, a supplier of industrial adhesives, equipment, and parts, immediately went to work to find the perfect adhesive solution. They knew that hot melt adhesive wasn’t the answer because it would require an adhesive gun for application. Instead, this sounded like a job for adhesive dots! CGM sent Nyco a few different options to try while they conducted their own testing. In the end, the small but mighty adhesive dots provided the secure hold without the sticky residue that Nyco needed. Problem solved!

Collaboration is a powerful force that propels us towards greater heights. By breaking down silos, leveraging complementary strengths, accelerating innovation, and building strong relationships, collaboration unlocks our collective potential and drives us towards shared success. Yet another benefit of being an EFBC member!

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